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Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics Packaging

Package Development Company, Inc. is a leader in design and manufacturing of custom thermoformed clamshell insert trays and blisters for the consumer electronics industry. Based on our expertise of printed media such as insert cards, folding cartons and other packaging mediums, we are able to develop well designed and cost effective solutions.

Let our design team develop concepts that are easily visible or that can hang or stand, be a deterrent for pilferage that can be sonic welded or (RF) sealed. We can also incorporate easy open features such as button snaps and recessed frame locks that can eliminate the need for secondary sealing operations.

We can increase product visibility, protection, and sell-through at the retail level with a well engineered custom clamshell, mock clamshell and club pack. Package Development Company offers a variety of material choices that will meet your sustainability requirements while offering the most cost effective packaging alternatives.

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