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Custom Turnkey Automated Cartoning Line for Health Packaging

Package Development Co., Inc. offers total packaging services to our customers. We are a convenient single source packaging design and fulfillment solution. Highlighted here is the Turnkey packaging we provide for the popular Tag Away product. Starting with the package design, our team worked with the customer to create packaging to their specifications, developing a cost effective, functional design that highlighted their product in a visually appealing way. We handle the sourcing and purchasing of necessary raw materials, and manufacture the insert trays from 20 mil rPET material, utilizing our ultra high-pressure thermoform equipment. The product is carefully inserted into the thermoformed parts by hand, and then sent through our high speed continuous, fully automated cartoning machines for radio frequency sealing and lot coding. The carton is composed of 18 pt. solid bleached sulfate board, with dimensions of 6.250″ by 9.594″.

The finished process results in the safe showcasing of the product in a retail friendly display box, which is stocked in our warehouse and monitored with our computerized inventory system. We handle all logistics and distribution, utilizing a just-in-time production strategy for increased efficiency. Our customized QA/QC process is implemented including stringent testing for ensured quality and integrity. The customer determines production volumes, with units shipped to Illinois as required.

For more details about this automated health packaging solution or our capabilities for totally customized packaging please see the table below or contact us directly.

Custom Turnkey Automated Cartoning Line for Health Packaging Project Highlights

Product Name

Turnkey Automated Cartoning Line

Product Description

Automated Line for Cartoning TagAway

Capabilities Applied/ Processes


Computerized Inventory

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Thermoform part manufactured on a mostly in-house, engineered, ultra-high pressure thermoform machine with proprietary index accuracy and high speed continuous fully automated cartooning machines with gluing and lot code.


Over 300 years of collaborative engineering and package development experience.

Overall Part Dimensions

6.250 X 9.594 carton

Tightest Tolerances

= / - 0.10

Material Used

18 pt. SBS carton / 20 mil rPET Product holding VF carton insert

Additional Facts

Provided a Turnkey packaging solution to client, manufacture the printed carton, thermoform insert trays, and product fulfillment.

In process testing / inspection performed

PDI has developed a customized QA/QC process, adopted from years of testing and customer audit responses. We believe our team of internal specialists has been trained to the highest standard. Along with a company policy of stringent testing and record retention, we regularly surpass all customer expectations.

Material Used

18 pt. SBS carton / 20 mil rPET Product holding VF carton insert

Industry for Use

Heath Packaging, Retail Health and Beauty Aid


Customer Dependent

Delivery / Turnaround Time


Delivery Location


Standards Met

Customer Specifications

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