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Custom Packaging with a Clamshell Inside for Cosmetic Packaging

At Package Development Co., Inc., we are proud to leverage our 300 combined years of experience to develop innovative packaging solutions for customers in a range of industries. In the project outlined here we were contracted to re-engineer a cosmetic packaging solution for Neutrogena. They needed a package that would keep their product immobile in order to withstand shipping and handling without resulting product damage. Their current packaging was a clamshell design, utilizing twice the amount of plastic as our proposal. The product itself was experiencing unacceptable levels of damage and movement during packaging and distribution. Our patented one-piece inner package was an ideal fit for this customer, easily adapted for their product line. Composed of postconsumer 20 gauge PET and die cut at a 30° incline, the part was manufactured utilizing our ultra high-pressure thermoform machine, which features a proprietary index accuracy system.

An easy to manufacture part with straightforward use, this transparent inner piece is designed to prevent product movement. The plate consists of a sloped middle portion, flanked by a shoulder and a base. When a product is packaged, its first end is snapped into and supported by the seat of the shoulder. This end now abuts a wall of the outer box. The second end of the product slips into an opening in the slope part of the middle portion, and rests on the base. In this way, all components of the inner piece keep the product stationary. This successful packaging design exceeded customer expectations and met our own standards for excellence.

For more details about this one-piece inner package design and manufacturing project or our other packaging innovations, please see the table below or contact us directly.

Custom Packaging with a Clamshell Inside for Cosmetic Packaging Project Highlights

Product Name

One-piece Inner Package

Product Description

One-piece inner package to prevent movement during shipping, inside an outer package or box.

Capabilities Applied/ Processes


Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Thermoform part manufactured on a mostly in house, engineered, ultra-high pressure thermoform machine with proprietary index accuracy


Over 300 years of collaborative engineering and package development experience.

Tightest Tolerances

Die cut accuracy on a 30 degree incline, double level

Material Used

Postconsumer PET 20 gauge

Material Finish

High gloss, water clear

Additional Facts

Neutrogena was using a clam shell package utilizing twice the plastic and experiencing unacceptable levels of damage and product movement during transit and distribution.

Package Development Company had a patented solution with a one-piece inner package which is easy to manufacture and convenient to use.

These purposes are achieved by the inner package of the present invention which comprises a plate made of transparent material. The plate has a shoulder portion, a middle portion and a base portion, with the shoulder portion and the base portion extend in opposite directions from the middle portion. The shoulder portion has a seat shaped to accommodate and support a first end of the product to be packaged, and when being packaged, the first end abuts a wall of the outer box. The middle portion includes a slope portion having an opening to accept a second end of the product. The base portion also helps to support the second end and prevent its movement. When being used, the second end of the product is inserted through the opening on the slope portion and rests on the base. The movement of the second end is prevented by the inner peripheral of the opening and by the base portion, while the movement of the first end of the product is prevented by the seat portion as well as by the wall of the outer box that it abuts. In this way, the product is kept stationary inside the outer box.

Industry for Use

Cosmetic Packaging

Standards Met

Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing

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