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Custom Display Packaging with Articulating Pusher

The Burpee seed Company contracted Package Development Co., Inc. to convert their floor standing retail display case into one appropriate for outdoor use. A waterproof pusher tray was needed to retrofit into their existing design. We were concurrently developing a pusher or anvil design that was an ideal match with their request. After collaborating with Burpee the design underwent a few iterations until reaching an approved scheme. Dubbed the “Retail Articulating Pusher Display”, our in-house engineered, ultra high-pressure thermoform machine with proprietary indexing accuracy was employed for the manufacturing process. The units are composed of a high quality recycled PET rigid film, and manufactured to tolerances of ± 0.003″.

Our pusher display provided a substantial cost saving over their previous injection molded display case, and is a flexible design allowing for a variety of display options. The display can contain a number of trays in its compartments; the tray itself accommodates seed pack dimensions of up to 4-1/2″ in height and 3-1/4″ in width. There is a 5″ vertical clearance between trays and the pusher arm is located in the back of the tray, sliding into the compartment for attachment. The pusher arm acts as a coil, performing a spring like action that advances packets forward as one is removed from the tray. Packets are held upright and remain at the front of the display, allowing for maximum exposure to customers. The display components were vigorously tested and inspected to assure quality, integrity, and functionality with our extensive internal QA/QC program. The custom displays are manufactured in customer specified volumes, and shipped to PA.

For more information about the patent pending Burpee seed display or any of our other custom packaging capabilities please see the table below or contact us directly.

Custom Display Packaging with Articulating Pusher Project Highlights

Product Name

Burpee Seed Display (Retail Articulating Pusher Display)

Product Description

Outdoor floor-standing retail display

Capabilities Applied/ Processes


Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

In-house, engineered, ultra-high pressure thermoform machine with proprietary indexing accuracy.


Over 300 years of collaborative engineering and package development experience. Patent pending.

Overall Part Dimensions

5" Clearance Between Tray
Accommodates 4-1/2" high and 3-1/4" wide

Tightest Tolerances

Plus/minus .003

Material Used

Pentaform recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) rigid film

Additional Facts

A display including a tray having a front side and a back side and two side walls. One or more display compartments are formed within the display. A pusher arm is provided for each of the compartments. Each pusher arm has an upper side and a lower side and is connected on the lower side to the back side of the tray and slidably connected on the upper side to each of the display compartments

A new weatherproof pusher display which has pusher arms to apply constant pressure to seed packets allowing the packets to remain upright and at front of the display. This unit allows Burpee to display its colorful seed packets in easy view of potential customers as they enter the outdoor garden centers.

In process testing / inspection / performed

PDI has developed a customized QA/QC process adopted from years of testing and customer audit responses. We believe our team of internal audit specialists has been trained to the highest standard. Along with a company policy of stringent testing and record retention, we regularly surpass all customer expectations.

Industry for Use

Retail POP (Point of Purchase)


Customer dependent

Delivery/Turnaround Time


Delivery Location


Standards Met

Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing

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