Package Development Company, Inc.

Insect Control Packaging

Custom Insect Control Packaging and Fulfillment

Our highly skilled design team can offer custom design clamshells, blister packaging and unit dose packaging for protection against damage, pilferage and contamination for pharmaceutical insect control products.

Packaging consists of automated blister machines, form/fill/seal lines and cartoning equipment. This is all accomplished in a white room environment with systems and SOP’s that are cGMP compliant.

We have worked extensively with barrier materials combined with tamper evident packaging preventing moisture or air from degrading the contents of the package. Packaging for those products in some instances requires extreme care with specific record retention for traceability and attention to detail to avoid contamination. We have developed and implemented customized QA/QC processes adopted from years of testing, as well as customer audit responses.

Package Development Company will partner with your company to produce the most protective and cost effective solutions for your packaging needs.

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