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It’s All in the Design

Package Development Co., Inc. has produced consumer packaging utilizing recycled plastics for more than 25 years, far longer of most of the industry. The design and engineering that we put into our customer packaging takes into consideration automation, reducing labor cost. All of us at Package Development take pride in reducing our carbon foot print. One example is more product per pallet = higher cube, fewer trailers, less fuel consumption, smaller warehouse space, less corrugated, fewer pallets.

Our factory is state of the art, sky lights provide natural lighting, machinery heating and cooling processes recycled. We utilize high efficiency hydraulics and servo systems. Everything from paper board, pallets, plastics, oils, greases, lubricants, aluminum, and glass all go through a closed loop recycling life cycle.

While the global focus on sustainability has only recently become “vogue”, Package Development Company has long been a front runner in providing sustainable packaging solutions. Below are the 8 R’s of Sustainable Packaging:

  1. Remove unnecessary packaging components
  2. Reduce packaging to be the right size to fit your product and graphic messaging
  3. Reuse packaging via our stackable/nestable trays that can be used over and over again taking minimal storage space
  4. Recycle(able) materials used like R-PET offer unparalleled package clarity and performance
  5. Renewable sustainable materials are constantly being evaluated by Package Development and engineered for green packaging solutions
  6. Redesign is critical as we work closely with you to ensure that your packaging addresses your product size, graphic messaging and protective needs
  7. Revenue concerns are always top-of-mind as Package Development ensures the most competitive pricing available
  8. Read (education) is important as we stay abreast of the latest environmental initiatives to provide you with the most “Green” packaging solutions

With over 25 years experience in providing sustainable packaging solutions, Package Development has instituted such “Green” initiatives as:

  • Over 25 years experience in conversion of Recycled-PET

  • Expert in trapped blister packaging

  • Over 15 years experience in reducing heavy metals/volatile organic compounds in our printed material

  • Development of reliable heat seal coatings for R-PET face seal blisters

  • Designed “direct on vinyl” printing minimizing internal printed materials and maximizing recyclability of plastic components

  • Exploration of organic based recycled paperboard and plastics

  • Use of state of the art/hydraulic driven machinery minimizing electrical energy consumption

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